I'm polishing glasses at the bar I work at when my phone buzzes in my pocket. I pull it out and their is a message from good mate and frothing goofy footer Luke Sarranah, it reads simply "NAMIBIA?".. I laugh to myself and put the phone back in my pocket, "tell him he's dreaming" I think. But.. the seed is planted. It only takes an hour to start to sprout. I float the idea of going to Africa, with two days notice, with my boss, and he's cool as "yeh we can cover you, do it man!".

  Now it's a possible reality, I call Luke and get the details and we start frantically working out the logistics of travel and accommodation not to mention how to get to the wave and whether this is a legit swell.

  Next minute (seemingly) we are beginning our 24 hour flight to Namibia. We arrive in an environment similar to the Iraq oil fields in the movie 'Jarhead'. Nothing. Just sandy desert to the horizon in every direction and oil pistons jacking away without even a plant as witness. We have officially arrived in Mad Max country, thank god our Saffa' mates are on their way from Cape Town.

  The next eight days are an absolute blur.. riding brown serpents for kilometres in Skeleton Bay; stumbling across colonies of seals appearing out of the oppressive mist that shrouds aforementioned bay; being first responders to a car roll over in the absolute middle of nowhere; forced off the road by a convoy of black SUV's;  camping in prehistoric river beds under the most vivid sky imaginable, drinking, eating and story telling with hilarious companions and fighting off the mysterious (and most likely imagined) Desert Hyena in the pitch dark of night.

  We got lost, found, bogged, tired, happy, sleepless, frightened, brave and above all unexplainably stoked. While we fortunately didn't contract Malaria, Africa did get under our skin and there is a whole world of unfinished adventures there..

Thanks to the legends at Camera Electronic for keeping me supplied with the tools I need, Von Boards for not creasing in testing conditions, Adelio for keeping us warm in the frigid waters of Skeleton Bay,  Axiom for the threads, support and inspiration and People of the Salt for their salty tees! Without you guys the road would be that much lonelier!