Surfer: Luke Russell Saranah
Photography: Tom Pearsall (Driftwood Photography)
Special Thanks: Wilshire Clothing : Contributors of Many

Never have you met such an excited jaffle maker. Luke’s eyes light up like a kid in a candy store as he loads the buttered bread, overflowing with Heinz speciality spaghetti, into the jaffle irons and wacks them in the glowing coals. A tin in his hand as the chilled easterly blows off the desert, fanning the coals and casting a pulsing glimmer onto the hungry surrounding faces.
Another time you’ll see a similar expression of excitement is when you pull into a dusty desert carpark, covered in red dirt and hot as hell. Before you know it, Luke’s already got his board out, eyeballs glistening with hardly contained anticipation, his mind already surrounded by the cleansing turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.